Joseph Curran

Recruitment Consultant (Temp/Contracts)

Tel: +44 (0) 7563 030569E:

Joseph has recently moved back to the UK having followed academic pursuits and opportunities to volunteer in Europe since 2017.  His time spent working with disadvantaged and vulnerable people has committed him to a career where he can shape and improve the third sector. A real people-person, Joseph is dedicated to developing close working relationships with those who can affect significant positive change! Integrity and transparency are key motives in Joseph’s approach to work, and he hopes very much to activate and support longstanding connections.

A proud northerner: Joseph is chatty, friendly, and always acts in good faith and humour. He has lived in both the North and South of England, as well as in France and Denmark. Joseph continues to volunteer his time to charitable causes; an avid reader and hiker, his downtime often sees him outdoors.